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9 Ways To Make Healthier Pizza

The worst part about trying to get healthy is cutting out some of your favorite foods: chocolate, ice cream, PIZZA!  

However, life just got a little bit easier and a whole lot yummier. Pizza is still possible, even for those of us trying to lose a couple pounds or start a healthier lifestyle.

Check out these tips that will keep you and your taste buds happy and healthy!

1. Use Whole Grain Crust

Introduce some extra fiber and protein to your diet with store bought or homemade Whole Grain crusts.

2. Use Lighter Cheese

Look for cheeses that are low in fat or that use skim milk. Some good options are part-skim Mozzarella and naturally low-fat Parmesan.

3. Try New And Healthier Toppings

Think about you favorite veggies. Would they taste good on a pizza? Do some experimenting and find out what you like. Hearty toppings like roasted squash and meaty mushrooms will do a good job of filling you up! Some other healthy veggies options are Kale, Spinach, Broccoli, and Eggplant.

4. Choose Leaner Meats

Meat lovers don’t worry! You don’t have to lose the meat completely. However, you may want to try some leaner cuts such as turkey pepperoni, salami, turkey bacon, or chicken sausage.

5. Sauce Is Key

Many store bought sauces are chock-full of sodium and other preservatives. Make sure to check the ingredients on the back of a jar before you make a purchase. Check out these tips on grocery store pasta sauces. You may want to try out a new brand that seems healthier or, if you are feeling ambitious, make your own! Red sauce isn’t the only option either. Pesto, olive oil, or even salsa make great substitutes and provide for a new, unique flavor.

6. Serve With Salad

Enjoying salad with your pizza fills you up more, provides a more balanced meal, and encourages you to eat fewer slices.

7. Go For Protein

Protein makes you feel more full. Take advantage of this by adding lean steak, grilled chicken, and other lean proteins to your pizza to make your meal more satisfying.

8. A New Kind Of Crust

Dough isn’t the only thing you can use to make a pizza. Try toasting a tortilla, pita bread, or your favorite thin sandwich bread and add sauce and toppings for a quick, easy, and healthy pizza. Tip: Whole Grain is always healthier!

9. Veggies Are The New Dough

You can even make crust out of vegetables! Try making your own crust out of CauliflowerZucchiniSpaghetti SquashSummer Squash, or Portobello Mushroom.

Who knew there were so many ways to make pizza? With all these options, you can keep your New Years resolution and eat pizza everyday!

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