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The Best Beverages To Pair With Your Pizza

The Best Beverages to Pair with Your Pizza

Pizza ranks as the second most popular food in America according to the National Today survey with cheese being the most popular topping. We know pizza is easily customized to fit the specific taste of the customer, but have you ever thought about the best beverages to pair with your pizza?

1. Pepperoni Pizza + Sparkling Red Wine

The bubbles produced in a sparkling red wine add a little extra fizz to your taste buds and pair perfectly with the zesty spices of a pepperoni pizza. For a non-alcoholic option try cranberry juice with a splash of seltzer water and a twist of lime.

2. Hawaiian Pizza + Rum and Coke

The sweet pineapple and salty ham found on a Hawaiian pizza pairs well with a simple spiced rum and coke. The mix of pineapple from the pizza and the spiced rum will make you feel as if you were on a tropical island. For a non-alcoholic option try a simple coke with a twist of lime or a juicy slice of pineapple if it’s available!

3. White Pizza + Pale Ale

White pizza such as a margarita pizza or Fazio’s Famous White Pizza would be paired best with pale ale or fruity ale. Fruity ale has just enough sweetness to complement the taste of ricotta cheese or mozzarella which is typically what a white pizza is composed of. For an alternative to fruity or pale ale try sweet apple cider!

4. Veggie Lovers Pizza + Chardonnay

The tart flavor of a classic chardonnay brings out the seasoning and flavor of the vegetables on Fazio’s Veggie lovers pizza. Not a fan of wine? Try white grape juice!

5. Chicken, Broccoli and Artichoke Pizza + Whiskey

This combination may seem a bit strange; however the bitterness of the artichokes balances out with the creamy garlic and cheese toppings. Try mixing up an old fashioned! The sweet vermouth garnished with a cherry will pair with the seasoned chicken and veggies. For a non-alcoholic option try a simple yet refreshing root beer!

Check out Fazio’s menu to view all of our specialty pizzas! Fazio’s Restaurant also offers a full bar to pair your drink perfectly with your pizza! 

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